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GoodSync Review – Must Be the Best File Sync Software!

GoodSync Pro has been mentioned on OfficeOrbiter.com on more than one occasion and with good reason. This is the file sync software that I use and recommend and it has to be the best file sync software around at a very affordable price!

It also does backup and in this GoodSync review I will take you through the steps of the software and what it has to offer.

Goodsync Pro is a seasoned file sync and backup software which I have trusted with my daily backups during the last 6-7 years. GoodSync has a very prominent position in my backup strategy and it runs parallel to my other backup program, which I use for my weekly compressed backup routine.

I use GoodSync at least once a day and quite often more than that after I finish important or time consuming tasks and it does exactly what I need it to do:

  • Incredibly fast for those daily and in-between backups
  • File sync capabilities
  • Cloud connection
  • Instant file access
  • Excellent price/value relationship


GoodSync main features

The main features of GoodSync are:

  • File synchronization also simply called ”file sync”
  • File backup

File sync

The file synchronization part of GoodSync is a two way job that will keep the chosen folders synchronized based on the time and size information of the file. This means that when you make changes on either side, GoodSync will keep track of what was changed and what needs to be updated, added or deleted.

If you only work in your office you will probably find little use for this feature and will more likely turn to the backup feature instead. However, if you work from multiple locations or on more than one computer you will be able to put this functionality to good use.


The backup part of GoodSync is a straight forward one way job where one side controls the other. GoodSync can handle a “left►right” scenario as well as a “left◄right” arrangement. However, to most people the “left►right” will probably feel more natural as most software is arranged with that orientation.

In the case of a backup job, any change made to the “slave” side of the job will be overruled by the controlling side at the analysis and sync operation.


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