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OptimizePress 2.0 Review & Discount Codes 2017

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Have you ever wanted to build sites that look like the world’s premiere online brands, which look stunning on any device?

Have you been put off by the costs that typically goes along with it, such as hiring a designer and coder?

What if you could create stunning sales pages, squeeze pages, membership sites, blogs, and more, in just a matter of minutes?

Well, this is what OptimizePress 2.0 does.

OptimizePress is a WordPress plugin and theme for creating landing pages and membership sites, without having to know how to code, or design your own pages.

For the past two years, OptimisePress has revolutionised the way we sell our products online, and become a household name in Internet Marketing.

OptimizePress 2.0 is finally launching, and boy, what a game changer it’s going to be.

Even if you’ve never heard of OptimizePress before (unlikely), I’m still willing to bet that you’ve been on a website that uses it. It’s used in the majority of product launches, squeeze pages, and membership sites I’ve come across in the past couple of years.

OptimizePress 2.0 is not an update, it’s a completely new product, and it’s been built from the ground up.

If you thought version 1 was good, wait until you see this.

I’ll get to the run down of the features in just a moment, but before we go any further, I’d just like to point out that on IncomeDiary, we don’t typically promote many affiliate products, because we only talk about products we like, from people we know.

Optimise Press 2.0 is the first product launch I’ve actually been excited about.

I want to show you a brief comparison between a sales page made with OP1 and a sales page made with OP2.

OptimisePress 1.0 sales page: http://expertphotography.com/

OptimisePress 2.0 sales page: https://www.expertphotography.com/jumpstart-guide-to-photography/

Quite a difference, eh?

Ok, now that we’ve laid in the groundwork for what OP2 does, lets have a look at its main features.

OptimizePress 2.0 Review: Theme VS. Plugin

The first thing I noticed (and quite frankly, was relieved) about OP2 is that it now comes as both a theme and a plugin.

OP1 was originally just a theme. Which meant that it required an additional WordPress installation. In version 2, the choice is yours.

You can incorporate it into your website as a plugin, as I have done in the link above, or you can use it as a theme, which will open up the blogging functions.

If you do decide to use it just as a plugin, as I have, you’ll be relieved to find that it works on top of your current theme. The plugin will have the appearance of being a completely different theme, while still incorporating some of the default settings from your current theme, such as the typography.

OptimizePress 2.0 Review: Live Editor

This biggest change from version 1 to version 2 is the live editor.

When you built a page in versions 1, you had to use shortcodes to add the elements you want.

Not anymore.

In version 2.0 they’ve introduced a stunning live editor, where what you see is what you get. This makes it infinitely easier to make a stunning, professionally designed page in just minutes.

For a short while I used a theme I purchased in ThemeForest to make a professional looking sales page, but these custom made pages don’t have a scratch on OP2.

OptimizePress 2.0 Review

There’s a system of rows, column, and elements.

Rows group content together. When you add a row, it will ask you how you want the columns to be laid out, in every possible configuration.

Once you’ve selected the number of columns, you can select which elements you want to add, and then you can fill in your content from there.

In the image above, I’ve changed the background colour of the row, and split it into two columns. I then added elements to each side.

With a vast number of elements and column layouts at your disposal, the number of different pages you can create goes into the thousands.2.0 Full Review

optimizepress review

OptimizePress Review: Elements

Here’s a complete list of all of the elements OptimizePress 2.0 puts at your disposal.

When you select one of these elements, more often than not, there’s the option to change something about the element, so that you can further customise your page.

Unlimited rows. Unlimited elements. The possibilities are endless.

  1. 2 Column Text – Add two columns of text (each 50% width) to an existing column of your page layout.
  2. Affiliate Page Snippets – Provide code for banners or other elements that you want your affiliates to use for promoting your products or services.
  3. Arrows – Use arrows on your site to highlight areas of important information, or to help funnel your visitors eye to a particular area or element of the page
  4. Audio Player – Use the audio player to Include audio on your page. We recommend using MP3 format for your audio files.
  5. Bullet Block -Use bullet blocks or lists to break down bulky information into readable chunks. Using bullets can help conversions as visitors can quickly scan your bullets for information
  6. Button – Use buttons on your page for calls to action or to aid navigation through your site. Select from our wide range of buttons to suit your page style and purpose
  7. Calendar Date & Time – Use the Calendar Date and Time element to show the time and date of a webinar or other online event
  8. Content Toggle – Use this element to keep lengthly content organised on the page. Great for FAQ’s or similar information where the visitor can view the title and expand for more information.
  9. Course Description Box – Insert a box showing the title and description of your membership course or product and include an icon
  10. Custom HTML / Shortcode – Insert custom HTML or shortcodes into your page using this element. Some shortcodes may not render in the LiveEditor but will show when you preview your page.
  11. Delayed Content – Use this to delay an element on your page so it appears after a set time. You can delay text or use the “Add Element” feature to add more items to delay.
  12. Divider – Choose from a range of dividing lines and graphics to insert into your page.
  13. Dynamic Date – Insert the date of the users visit into your page. This date will always show the date the visitor accessed your page, so gives the impression of updated content
  14. Facebook Comments – Insert a Facebook comments block into your page. Note this element can only be used once and will not render in the LiveEditor
  15. Feature Block – Use this element to highlight particular features of your product or service and include an icon or image to accompany the feature.
  16. Feature Box – Insert a styled content box onto your page. Choose from a range of styles to suit your page and content and insert text or other elements into the box.
  17. Feature Box Creator – Create your own box style for your content. Use the Advanced Options section to customize the look and feel of your box before inserting into the page
  18. Files Download – Files download element can be used to upload files and build file lists.
  19. Guarantee Box – Highlight your guarantee policy and terms with these boxes and graphics.
  20. Headline – Choose from a range of different headline styles to highlight features or sections of your page.
  21. Hyperlink –If you want to include a customized text hyperlink you can use this element to insert one into your page. Customize the styling to fit your site.
  22. Image with Javascript Alert – Image with javascript alert can be used for a video fakeout or to push people to your optin form
  23. Image with Text Aside – An easy way to add an image and vertically align text content next to it. Great for inserting features illustrated with graphics onto your pages
  24. Images – Insert an image into your page with this element. Choose from a range of border styles and include a caption and larger image if you want to provide a larger lightbox preview.
  25. JavaScript – Add your custom JavaScript on page
  26. Launch Navigation – Insert a navigation bar showing your launch pages. Please note this element will only work on pages which have been added to a funnel stage in the Launch Suite
  27. Live Search – Insert a Live Search box which can be used to search your pages or membership content
  28. Navigation – Help visitors navigate around your site with these navigation blocks. Create a custom menu within the WordPress interface and choose the menu to assign to your element
  29. News Bar – Insert a bar which you can use to highlight latest news from your company or product
  30. One Time Offer Count Down – If you have activated the One-Time offer countdown in the page settings, you can use this element to display a timer which will count down until the page expires.
  31. Optin Box – Insert an optin box into your page with this element. Choose from a range of styles and integrate your autoresponder to build your email list.
  32. Order Box – Use order boxes to highlight your call to action and order buttons.
  33. Order Step Graphics – Use order step graphics to highlight the step of the checkout process your visitor is on. This can help them how close to completing the transaction they are.
  34. Pricing Graphics – If you want to include a high visibility product price on your page you can use this element. Customize the text and a white border and shadow will be added.
  35. Pricing Table – Use Pricing Tables to elegantly display the different features or benefits of your product packages in comparison to each other
  36. Progress Bar – Insert a progress bar on your page – great for showing progress through a membership course or free training series
  37. Q&A Elements – If you want to include a Q&A section on your page you can use this element to display your questions and answers in an organised style
  38. Recent Posts – Insert a list of the most recent posts from your blog. Perfect for creating a custom home page.
  39. Social Sharing – Insert a block of social sharing icons into your page to help spread your content virally through networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus
  40. Step Graphics – Use Step Graphics as a great way to illustrate numbered steps for a process on your pages
  41. Tabs – Use tabs to separate content but make it easily navigable without the user scrolling down the page.
  42. Terms & Conditions Box – If you would like to require your visitors to agree to a set of terms & conditions before purchasing you can use this element.
  43. Testimonials – Use testimonials as a great way to provide social proof about your product or service. Choose from a range of styles to fit your page
  44. Text Block – Insert a normal block of text into your page. Customize the text styling with the advanced options. You can also insert images and other elements using the WYSIWYG editor
  45. Tour Elements – These elements are a great way to provide a call to action for your visitors to purchase or get more information about your product or service
  46. Vertical Spacing – Add vertical spacing to a column of your layout.
  47. Video Player – Include a video on your page. Use your own embed code from sites like YouTube, or select URL to use a video you have hosted with Amazon S3 or a similar service.
  48. Video Thumbnail & Lightbox – Insert an image into your page which when clicked will load a video in a lightbox. Great for training pages or to keep feature pages more organised.
  49. WordPress Comments – Insert a WordPress comments block into your page. Note this element can only be used once on the page and will not render in the LiveEditor.

OptimizePress 2.0 Full Review: New Templates and Template Sharing

Ok, so this is what I think is going really to sell you on OptimizePress 2.0.

It’s a game changer for the internet marketing industry.

Let me explain why.

When you create a new sales page, or squeeze page, or whatever, and it’s converting really well, you can now share it with anyone else who has a copy of OP2.

Imagine the possibilities. Guru’s of the internet marketing industry giving away (or selling) their highest converting pages.

Is that something you would want to miss out on?

There’s going to be a marketplace where you can sell or give away your own designs too.

OptimizePress 2.0 Full Review New Templates and Template Sharing

OptimizePress 2.0 Review: Mobile Responsive

One in every three minutes spent browsing the internet, is spent on a mobile device. If your website isn’t mobile responsive, you are losing money. On ExpertPhotography.com, roughly 40% of my visitors come from mobile devices, so you can bet that I want to capture that 40% on my landing pages.

Want to see how well it works? Open up this page, click on the bottom right corner of your browser and drag it to resize it. You’ll notice how the elements move about on the page. Please note that my page was made with a very early pre-release version of OP2, so there’s still a couple of features that aren’t responsive yet, that will be ironed out for the release version.

OptimizePress 2.0 Review: Membership Sites

A major selling point for OptimizePress 2.0 is the membership site functions.

In version 1, if you wanted to created a membership site, you also needed a copy of WishList Member. While OP2 integrates with WishList Member still, that’s no longer true.

OptimizePress now has its own membership site software, with all the functions you’d expect, such as drip content and secure downloads, without the need for WLM. That’s a saving of at least $97 right there.

However, if you currently use WLM, and you’re not looking to move away from it, that’s fine too. OptimizePress 2.0 integrates with WishList Member, just like it did in version 1.

OptimizePress 2.0 Review: Email Integration

No longer do you have to create a sign up form in your email marketing service, and then copy and paste it into OptimizePress. Now, you simply connect your email service one time, through the dashboard in OptimizePress, and then when you’re in the live editor, you select the list you want to integrate your form with.


OptimizePress 2.0 Review: Shortcode Integration

If you have any plugin that works with shortcodes, you can integrate it with OptimizePress.

It’s a small feature. It’s not even a new feature. But it has already improved the conversions of my page.

I use SamCart for my shopping cart, and that works with shortcodes. Now I can design my cart and checkout pages to look just like my sales pages, which has been proven to increase conversions.

Have a look for yourself by going through my cart here.

OptimizePress 2.0 Review: Powerful Internet Marketing Tools

A major selling point is that OptimizePress 2.0 keeps up to date with the latest Internet Marketing methods, and will continue to do so in the years to come, in the form of plugins and addons.

Currently, these are my favourite tools available:

Image with Javascript Alert – You can have a still image of a video player, as something you’re offering for free, and then when people click on it, a pop up message will appear asking people to sign up to your list first.

One Time Offer Count Down – You can use this element to display a timer which will count down until the page expires. Then when the page expires, it will send people to a different page.

Exit Redirect – Use this option if you want anyone trying to exit your page via the browser close buttons to be shown a message and redirected to a URL of your choosing.

Split Testing Elements – I’m a bit tired of split testing complete pages, when all I’ve changed is a single element. Now you can add in code to the elements to test them. Simple.

OptimizePress 2.0 Review: Made by James Dyson

We don’t recommend products we don’t like, by people we don’t like or don’t know.

James has been a friend of ours for years now. He’s been on trips to San Francisco and Washington with us, and spent many hours, both at dinner, and at the bar with us. He’s even got one of my photos hanging on his wall.

The way James conducts himself in his business is a testament to the service you will receive from him.

Here’s a photo of Michael and James in Spain in 2011.

Made by James Dyson

OptimizePress 2.0 Review: Support & Training

Customer satisfaction is key, and I’ve seen him personally respond to questions that he’s come across on various Facebook groups. Here’s a screenshot I took today.

OptimizePress 2.0 Review Support & Training

Although please go through his support system if you do have a question.

Just like in OP1, there’s going to be loads of video training available to anyone who purchases OP2, to ensure that you get the most out of it possible.

James is a cool guy, and I know for a fact that you will be satisfied with OP2.

OptimizePress 2.0 Review: One Time Fee Pricing

This is the icing on the cake.

While many internet marketing products are turning to monthly or annual fees to turn a profit, James has kept his product strictly to a one time fee.

That means that you own the plugin and theme, you’re not just renting it.

With services like LeadPages, you pay the same price, but you only have access to the software for a year, before having to renew. That means that if you want to use the software for two years (like we have for OP1), you have to pay twice the money. If you ever decide to stop paying for the service, you lose your pages.

And how much does Optimise Press 2.0 cost?

For all of this:

  • X-Site License for your own use
  • Plugin & Theme Versions
  • OptimizeMember Add-on for secure membership areas & product delivery
  • Training Area, Tutorials and Documentation Access
  • Marketplace Access
  • 1 Year Support & Core Updates
  • For 3 licences, the fee is just $97.

Considering you save $97 on not having to buy a copy of WishList Member, and we’re offering you a free $97 product, this seems like the bargain of the year.

If you want more than once licence, you can purchase 10 for just $197.

And if you want unlimited licences, the fee is just $297.

Remember, they’re all one-time fees.

Don’t forget to checkout these OptimisePress Discount Codes. You will have chance to get up to 50% off OptimisePress 2.0

If you’re still unsure about this price, I would encourage you to click through to James’s sales page here, and see for yourself. Our review doesn’t really do OptimizePress 2.0 justice the way his sales videos do.

OptimizePress 2.0 Review: Summary

Your website is your shop window. What are you going to fill it with?

It’s up to you to impress your visitors, as much as you can, in the shortest amount of time, and it’s our belief that OptimisePress 2.0 is the solution.

Unlike some competitors, it’s a one time fee.
You can sell your own templates, and use other people’s popular templates.
The membership features mean that you can save $97 on the purchase of WishList Member.
You can get started with 3 licences, for just $97.

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